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Ayoub Family Ayoub Carpet Service since 1952Like millions of American success stories, the Ayoub family history reflects the optimism and fundamental values of hard working immigrants.  The Ayoubs left the old country to seek freedom and economic opportunity in America.

In 1936, one of the first Ayoubs to immigrate to America was Joseph Ayoub.  For the next twelve years, Joseph worked hard and saved his money so that he could bring his family to join him in the states.  By 1948, the entire family had settled in the Washington Metropolitan area.

The 1950's and the on-set of the Korean War changed the nation and the Ayoub family. During the decade, four of Joseph's five sons would serve in the United States military.  In 1950, Joseph's oldest son Jack was the first to serve his new country.  He spent two years overseas in Korea.  When Jack returned in 1952 his father and his brothers started their business, cleaning and repairing fine oriental rugs.  This marked the beginning of the Ayoub tradition of fine rug care based in Northern Virginia.
Jack Ayoub. Ayoub Carpet Service Since 1952

During the next eight years the small family business flourished and in 1960, Joseph and his sons built a modern state-of-the-art cleaning facility near Falls Church:  Ayoub Rug Cleaning Co.,Inc., 6840 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA.

The next few decades brought the family business growth and prosperity.  A new generation began to take an interest in fine rug care. In the early 80's Jack's son, Daniel, began working after school learning the family trade.  After graduating from high school in 1984, Dan started working full-time at Ayoub Rug Cleaning.  His knowledge of the textile industry continued to grow with the help of his family.  The strong relationship between the three generations was very apparent.  In 1986, Dan's father passed away at the early age of fifty eight.  This tragedy motivated Dan to continue the tradition that his grandfather and father started over thirty years ago.

In 1987, Dan started his own company cleaning carpets in commerical buildings at night while still working for the family business during the day.  His carpet and upholstery cleaning business flourished and in April 1989 he left Ayoub Rug Cleaning Co., Inc, to pursue his own dream;  ACS Carpet Care.

The hardwork and decidation over the next several years continued the steady growth of ACS. Based on the commitment to quality and customer service, ACS earned two consecutive quality ratings in Washington Consumer's Checkbook Magazine.  Because of these consecutive ratings, Washingtonian Magazine recognied ACS as one fo the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists in Northern Virginia.

Always listening to his customers and their needs, Dan opened a second division of ACS for rug cleaning and repair in 1996.  By the new millennium the rapid growth of the rug cleaning division created a need for a larger facility.  This need for more space and the approaching retirement of his uncles created a perfect situation.  Dan would take over the Ayoub Rug cleaning facility and provide continued service to the Ayoub clientele.  This allowed the continuation of the family tradition that started over fifty years ago.  Now all clients from both companies will receive the ACS commitment to quality workmanship and personalized service.  

The expansion took place in January 2002.  By acquiring the building, ACS obtained a larger cleaning facility and a showroom of rugs.  Renovations to the building and the oriental rug showroom now allows ACS to provide clients with a rejunvenated atmosphere, better customer service and a beautiful display of fine oriental rugs.  

Ayoub Carpet Service (ACS) has continued its commitment to quality workmanship, bringing it to a total of over 60 years in the carpet and rug care industry and receiving top ratings in Angie's List and Washingtonian Checkbook Magazine.  Fall 2013 will bring another milestone to the family business by opening a new showroom in Falls Church, VA, close to where it all started.


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