What We Are NOT

1) Ayoub Carpet Service is NOT Bait-and-Switch

Everyone has seen the "too good to be true" carpet cleaning ads. Too often unsuspecting consumers are lured in by special coupons only to find themselves victims of bait-and-switch advertising. This tactic is very common among unscrupulous carpet cleaners; They advertise cleaning by the room for very cheap just to get in the door then become pushy to sell every little "add-on" possible to beef-up the ticket.  In many cases, these companies get away with this because the customer has already taken time off of work or has set aside time from their busy schedule to get the carpets cleaned.  Unfortunately, whether you buy the additional services or not you still get an inferior job.

Ayoub Carpet Service has earned recommendations from Washingtonian Magazine for top 199 Contractors because of our trustworthy reputation and up-front pricing.

2) Ayoub Carpet Service is NOT Splash-n- Dash

If you're looking for an inexpensive, splash-n-dash, inexperienced, wet for days, no guarantee, carpet cleaner...we're NOT the company for you.  These types of companies focus on one thing; Get in and get out as fast as possible.  Their main clients are renters and property managers for apartment units.  These types of carpet cleaning companies generally clean 8 to 10 homes a day in an 8 hour day.  It is next to impossible to to do a good job and not damage something within the property.  A whole house of carpet cleaning, even vacant, will take a reputable company about 3 hours.

ACS has gotten a checkmark for quality in Washington Consumers' Checkbook Magazine for nearly 20 straight years!  We are thorough and provide personalized cleaning for each and every job. We usually only book 3 jobs a day so that we allow the necessary time to get each cleaning job done right- the first time. You can be sure of a great job every time because of our Money-Back Guarantee.

3) Ayoub Carpet Service is NOT Franchised

There are lots of franchise, cookie-cutter carpet cleaning companies. Generally, these franchises are designed so that the lowest level employee can be a technician. The company utilizes a very simple approach to conducting business by utilizing room pricing, minimal training, simple cleaning techniques and a small line of cleaning solutions.  There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple however each job is different and may require more than something so simple.  Since most franchised businesses are individually owned, the quality and level of service along with pricing can be inconsistent from location to location.  Without a doubt, it is quite possible to get a good technician within a franchise company however it's common that these individuals move onto more reputable type companys to work for.

Ayoub Carpet Service prides itself on offering personalized service for the most discriminating consumer. We are a third generation family business established in 1952. We have extremely high standards with trained technicians, certified by the IICRC. Furthermore, our technicians along with our customer service reps are trained in-house constantly to ensure good quality work done by friendly individuals.  Our mission is to exceed your expectations while being environmentally responsible and safe.  

We are certified providers through the Carpet and Rug Institute and a member of the Better Business Bureau. Ayoub Carpet Service is also highly rated on Angie's List and Consumers' Checkbook. Finally we are recommended by Best Picks Magazine and Washingtonian Magazine. Call or stop by today.

4) Ayoub Carpet Service is NOT affiliated with any other Ayoub

Some of you might be confused of the various "Ayoub" entities serving the Washington DC metro area in the cleaning and flooring business.  Although we are all related and do a good job, we each run our businesses separately and uniquely apart from one another.  When hiring a company with "Ayoub" in the title please be sure that you are getting the company that you are looking for.  Ayoub Carpet Service which also is known as: Ayoub Rug Cleaning, Ayoub Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Ayoub Carpet & Rugs, Ayoub Oriental Rugs and ACS is a third generation in the carpet and rug business dating back to 1952.  Originally founded in Arlington, Va by Joseph Ayoub then owned and operated by the second generation; Jack, Norman, Sam, Said and Fred Ayoub and now owned and operated by the third generation - Dan Ayoub. 

5) Ayoub Carpet Service is NOT perfect

Although many of our clients state that we're miracle workers, there are limitations to what can and cannot be done.  Just like any other honest and hard working company, we strive for perfection however textiles are similar to clothing in that they fade, wear, stain and degrade with use.  It's our goal to stay ahead of the industry curve to provide the very best results based on the job at hand.

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