Rug Repairs

Ayoub Carpet Service performs the best Oriental Rug Repairs in Fairfax, Arlington, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

At Ayoub Carpet Service, all repairs are done in-house by skilled craftsmen. Minor repairs should be taken care of promptly to prevent more costly problems that could potentially devaluate the rug. 

Rug Repairs offered by Ayoub Carpet Service

Color Restoration RugColor Restoration from Water & Pet Urine Damage

Damage done to your rugs by water or pet urine can be repaired by Ayoub technicians to return them to "Like-New" Condition.

Over-Round Repair on Rug

Edge Restoration or Over-Round

This photograph is a close-up of an edge restoration repair using an over-round stitch.  Our skilled experts can repair the edges of rugs that have been worn over time.



Fringe Replacement for RugFringe Replacement, Over-Cast


This decorative stitch keeps the ends of the rug from unraveling thus preserving the overall integrity of the rug. It is also used to create new fringe.



Edge of rugs can be finished with a continuous thread in a looping pattern.



Patching Rug


Our skilled technicians can skillfully repair your damaged rugs.

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