Rug Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning & Restoration Process

View a detailed description of the 4 recognized standard methods of rug cleaning. Method selected depends on the type of rug, construction and soiling.

Example of Rug Restoration Process at our state-of-the-art facility in Chantilly, VA

Before and After Rug Picture

This Oriental rug came to our plant with heavy soot and water damage. Our challenge was to remove the soot and repair the water damage without causing adverse effects to the rug and restore it to its pre-loss condition. The rugs underwent our scrupulous rug cleaning and repair process, which is illustrated below

Pre-Inspection and Thorough Vacuuming1.  Pre-Inspection

The first step to rug restoration is pre-inspecting the rug and noting areas of concern, such as spots, stains and odor. After the rug has been assessed, our skilled technicians remove any loose dust, dirt and debris.

Pre-conditioning2.  Pre-Conditioning

The fibers of the rug are pre-conditioned and agitated to loosen embedded soils and soot.


Odor Decontamination3.  Odor Treatment

The odor causing elements in the rug are encapsulated to be extracted.



Rug Cleaning4.  Hand Washing

The rug is then carefully hand-washed multiple times in our wash pit and placed through our high-volume water extractor.



Hand Washing Fringe  Water Extractor  Water Extractor 2

Hanging Rugs

5.  Drying

After a thorough hand-washing, the rug is dried in a state-of-the-art climate controlled drying room.


Final Inspection6.  Post Cleaning Inspection

After completely drying, the rug is carefully inspected for repairs by our expert technicians. The fringes are also brushed out and untangled for a nice, clean finish. If the fringes are damaged, they may be repaired or completely replace, with permission from the rug’s owner.

Rug Grooming

7.  Final Steps

After repairs are assessed, the rug receives a final inspection and manicure before they are rolled up and returned to the rug’s owner.


Our team of professionals at Ayoub Carpet Service has many years of experience with the most difficult of challenges when it comes to restoring a rug, including: water damage, pet damage, fire and soot damage. We strive to make it look new again!

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