2017 Cleaning Resolutions You Can Keep

2017 Resolutions

It’s officially 2017, which means everyone is trying to keep up with their New Year resolutions. Some people may be trying to practice a healthier lifestyle; other may want to travel more. Regardless, resolutions can be hard to stick with, so why not make realistic goals that you’ll be sure to keep? Think of some stuff you need to do around your home but haven’t gotten the chance to do yet. The procrastination ends in 2017! Here’s a checklist of some easily over looked but important cleaning chores to accomplish once and for all:

1. Flush the water heater:

Does you water heater make a banging sound? It’s because the water inside is trying to filter through calcium and lime deposits that built up over time. Once the buildup sets in at the bottom of the water tank, it takes significantly longer for water to heat up. Sediment buildup can also cause the water heater to crack or stop working altogether if bad enough. To remove the sediment, you’ll have to flush out your water tank. It’s possible to do this project on your own, but calling a plumber may be your best (and easiest) option. The process won’t take long, and you’ll be avoiding the cost of having to replace it as well!

2. Professionally clean carpet, rugs, and upholstery:

A good professional carpet, rugs, and upholstery cleaning is important if you want to keep them looking great. Your health and the beauty of your home will both benefit from properly maintaining your carpet and upholstery. Allergens will be extracted from your carpet and upholstery, along with dirt, soils, bacteria, mold, and any spills that may have occurred. 2017 is your year to get this out of the way, call a reputable carpet cleaning company to get the job done right. While you’re at it, add getting your beautiful Oriental rugs professionally cleaning to the list as well.

3. Get the HVAC system tuned up:

This may not seem important, but did you know the majority of calls received about busted HVAC systems are due to lack of maintenance? Both the furnace and the A/C should be inspected annually to extend the life of the system. During this inspection, monoxide leaks can be found which can be harmful to your health. The entire system will be cleaned and checked to optimize its functioning. By getting this tune up, you could be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.

4. Professionally clean air ducts:

Air ducts in your home can collect pollen, mold, pet hair, dust mites, and other particles which contaminate the air you breathe. If properly cleaned and well maintained, several health and home upkeep issues can be avoided. If pets, children, or respiratory issues are relevant to your life, you may want to consider getting them cleaned by a reliable air duct cleaning company.

Have a great New Year – let’s make 2017 the best one yet!

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