Need An Area Rug Cleaned? Here Is How Much It Costs.

Oriental rugs can range from irreplaceable family heirlooms to fine rugs acquired while living or traveling overseas, to inexpensive rugs won in a serendipitous auction or purchased in a department store. Regardless of the circumstances of where or how you came to own your Oriental rugs, every three to five years they will require professional cleaning. But how much does it cost to have an area rug cleaned?

When requesting a service or even perusing a shelf full of snack food at the grocery store, what is the main thing that catches our eye as consumers? The price tag. What is the second thing we look for as consumers? Quality. While shopping for snacks you may see an off-brand bag of chips is buy-one-get-one-free, an intriguing deal, but then you may pause to consider if the chips are worth eating or if the lack of quality will lessen the worth of the discount. The same applies to the service you receive on your car, contractors who give your kitchen a makeover, and the company who cleans your rugs.


There are several ways to have your area rug cleaned, some methods being better than others depending on your rug. Because area rugs come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, being knowledgeable about how to care for your rug will be beneficial in keeping your rug clean and looking great.


The most preferred method by both clients and rug experts is in-plant cleaning at a facility designed to clean and care for all types of Oriental, synthetic, and delicate rugs. In-plant cleaning allows technicians to have control over the environment and use necessary resources in order to obtain the best possible results. In a professional facility, technicians have access to state-of-the-art machinery such as large, rotating soft-bristle brushes, tumble dusters, specialized pools, automated wash machines, or wash pits for emersion. Rug cleaning companies implement various cleaning methods.

This is what is included in the cleaning of a standard Oriental or synthetic rug at Ayoub Carpet Service:

– Complimentary pickup and delivery service for jobs totaling $200 or more.
– An e-mailed Pre-Inspection Report with photos of your rug(s) when it arrives in our facility along with recommendations for specialized cleaning or repairs.
– A tumble dusting to loosen dirt and dust in the fibers.
– A thorough hand wash front and back using a rotating soft-bristle brush, high-pressure rinse, detailed scrub of any fringe, and a final rinse through specialized machinery.
– Spot and stain treatments are applied as needed and depending on severity.
– Up to 12 hours in a climate-controlled dry room ensuring optimal drying time.
– Grooming of the fibers and the fringe.
– Professional packaging for safe delivery or pickup.
– An e-mailed Post-Inspection Report with after-photos of your rug(s).

Professional area rug cleaning
Here a technician is using a handwashing machine with a rotating, soft bristle brush to clean every inch of this area rug.

Other companies may use an automated cleaning system in which your rug is fed through a machine with oscillating brushes cleaning the top side of the rug, then rinsed, wrung out, and rolled up to be carried to the drying area. This method, though efficient and not labor-intensive, is generally only recommended for rugs in low-traffic areas that do not have any stains. Because the machine cleans the entire rug the same way without the ability to give special attention to high-traffic or stained areas, most companies that implement this method do have additional fees for services such as: washing the back of the rug (sending the rug through the machine a second time flipped over), stain testing, and stain treatment.

Some other cleaning methods are large, no contact wash pools, wash bags, steam cleaning, etc. The main issue to keep in mind when shopping around for a professional rug cleaner is that some companies may seem to be cheaper but will charge extra fees for additional services that equate to more than a different company’s flat fee with all of those services included. This applies to services such as washing both sides of your rug, stain treatment, and more.

The price range for an in-plant rug cleaning is anywhere from $2 per square foot to $10 per square foot. The rug and the company are what dictate the price, although a standard Oriental rug with no underlying concerns or special requests is typically between $4 or $5 per square foot. The price begins to climb if your rug is an antique or a silk starting at approximately $8 per square foot due to the specialized and time-consuming cleaning methods used on delicate rugs. For example, if you have a standard, wool, Oriental rug that is an 8 x 10, it will cost anywhere between $320 – $400. If you have an 8 x 10 silk rug, you’re looking at spending between $640 – $800 for a professional cleaning.


An in-home, surface cleaning is another option but only in limited situations such as embassy rugs (over 15ft x 15ft), custom-made broadloom rugs with damageable seams, or rugs laying under large pieces of furniture that cannot be moved. In-home rug cleaning is generally not recommended because technicians do not have the capability of doing more than a surface clean to freshen up the rug – compared to a deep, thorough cleaning at a professional facility.

How much does an in-home rug cleaning cost? There is not a clear-cut answer to this question considering that it ultimately depends on the company. Ayoub Carpet Service charges approximately $2.00 per square foot for an in-home area rug cleaning using a low moisture extraction method. Other companies may charge a flat fee per area rug and many companies do have a minimum price requirement. The best thing you can do when considering having your rugs cleaned is to call the top-rated, rug cleaning companies in your area and inquire about their rates and cleaning methods.

In-home Cleaning
Low-moisture extraction is used for in-home area rug cleaning.


The cheapest method to have your area rug cleaned would be to do it yourself, which is possible, though not recommended by experts. That being said, if your rug is small, manageable, and synthetic, cleaning it yourself is an economical option. The DIY method consists of utilizing an outdoor space such as a driveway or a deck. You will need a garden hose, a deck brush, a detergent designed for delicate fibers, and an area to drape your rug for the drying process such as a deck railing or a fence. It is best to wash your rug when sunny weather is predicted for two or three days in a row to allow time for your rug to fully dry before it is put back in your home. Here is what you need to do: lay your rug flat in your outdoor space, rinse with cold water, lightly scrub in the detergent with a deck brush on the front and the back of your rug, rinse thoroughly (if you have one, use a squeegee to remove excess water) and hang to dry.


While considering the many options available for your rug cleaning, do not be afraid to shop around and explore the methods and prices of the professional companies in your area. The goal is to find a company that will care for your area rug, exceed your expectations, and be a reliable resource for years to come.

If you have more questions about having your rug cleaned, please call us at: (703) 479-3961.
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