How to Avoid Running into Problems with Wool

Wool Carpets and Rugs

Wool carpet and rugs are soft, beautiful, and highly desirable to have in a home. With that said, some people often overlook some important factors that should be kept in mind about wool if you want to avoid issues. If you take pride in your wool carpet or rugs and want to take care of them, here are a few things to consider.

Wool fibers are prone to distortion if they’re agitated too much. Jet streaks, wand marks, and grooming techniques can be harmful to wool if the cleaning process isn’t carried out correctly. Wool distortion is also pronounced under heated conditions. To avoid this type of problem, it’s extremely important to do your research and make sure you choose a reputable carpet cleaning company to take care of your wool carpet and rugs. A knowledgeable company will use the process of hot water extraction to clean wool carpet and understand what water temperature to use so they’re safe from distortion. They will also make sure that the grooming process takes place directly after the cleaning process which helps avoid distorted fibers as well. They’ll know how to correctly groom wool to ensure it won’t damage your rug.

Wool is a very absorbent fiber which means it stains easily. This characteristic that wool possesses is great when it comes to dyeing carpet and rugs to display the beautifully rich colors that they’re sold with. With that said, unwanted dyes are also prone to staining your rug. Wine, Kool-Aid, and coffee are just a few you want to really try and avoid spilling on wool. A reputable carpet and rug cleaning company will know the correct stain removal processes to use for each individual stain. If you are questioning your ability to clean stain yourself, don’t do it! You may end up making it worse. A professional cleaning company can also apply a layer of protector to your wool carpet or rug which will help resist stains in the future.

Wool is considered chemical sensitive, especially to alkaline which can be found in urine. If your dog or cat urinates on your carpet or rug, it can become brittle and discolored if it’s not cleaned up properly. If this is the case with your wool carpet or rug, its life span will be shortened. A professional rug cleaning company will have the knowledge to deodorize your rug and balance its pH to become neutralized and healthy again. Also, wool is sensitive to oxidizers, especially chlorine laundry bleach, such as Clorox. Over time, these types of chemicals will completely dissolve wool, so you want to make sure the correct cleaning chemicals are used to completely remove the harmful chemicals within your carpet and rugs.

As you can see, there are several different factors to take into consideration if you want to take care of your wool carpet and rugs correctly. Hopefully this was helpful to you and can guide you to keeping your wool look fantastic for years to come. We aren’t called the carpet and rug people for nothing! Give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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