How to Improve Indoor Air Quality with Professional Cleaning

Most of the world is focused on improving the environment. What better place to start than in your own home? Fortunately, Ayoub Carpet Service can help improve your indoor air quality in several ways. Here’s what we suggest and why it works.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality With Professional Cleaning

Allergies and Air

Question: How long has it been since you changed your furnace filter? If the answer is longer than a month, you may want to take a look. Why? Blocked filters impede airflow, which wreaks havoc on your HVAC system. It doesn’t take long for blocked filters to impact your system’s performance. Equally important, they lower your indoor air quality. Once filters fill, they can’t keep filtering out impurities and debris. As a result, air contaminants move through your air ducts and into your home environment. For those with allergies, the issue can negatively impact their health. Still, poor indoor air quality isn’t good for anyone. And, replacing the filter helps, but it doesn’t remove accumulated debris in the air ducts. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts removes dust, debris, and contaminant buildup inside them. It also helps your HVAC system to operate more efficiently. Additionally, we hope it makes you feel better, too! Together, these benefits result in improved air quality. Moreover, did you know you might be able to see an actual difference after air duct cleaning? Once cleaned, you should notice an improvement in the dust level in your home. As a final note, we recommend cleaning after a home improvement project, especially one that leaves drywall or sawdust lying around. 

Fabric Protection

Another way to tackle indoor air quality improvement is through carpet and upholstery cleaning, including fabric protection. Much of the time you spend in your home consists of sitting on your furniture or sleeping in bed. As a result, both of these areas collect bacteria, dirt, and allergens. For this reason, cleaning upholstery and adding fabric protection is essential. Protecting your upholstery with Scotchguard, Teflon, or Greengard does more than preventing stains. In fact, the application creates a sealed barrier that wards off dust and allergens in addition to coffee and dirt.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

At Ayoub Carpet Service, we understand you want to protect your loved ones and provide a clean indoor environment. We offer air duct cleaning in Arlington, Alexandria, and other nearby cities in Virginia, as well as pet odor treatments and other services. Call today at (703) 479-3961 with your questions or schedule online.

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