How To Prepare: Hardwood Flooring Installation

The decision to have new flooring in your home is a big one. It takes a lot of time and consideration to choose the right flooring company, have an in-home measurement, look over samples, and finally make a decision and schedule the installation. The entire new flooring process can take weeks and that’s if there are no setbacks along the way. Though it may be a long and inconvenient process, finally seeing that new flooring in your home, exactly the way you envisioned it, is beyond worth it. That said, being prepared is the ideal way to go into any home improvement project. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a hardwood flooring installation. 

How to Prepare for a Hardwood Flooring Installation:

Removing hardwood flooring
Installers hammer crowbars to pull up old hardwood floorboards.

1. How long does it take?

A hardwood flooring installation is no easy task. It will take time, maybe longer than you expect. Typically, the installation takes about one day per standard-sized room (about 200 square feet). If there are any setbacks along the way it could take longer. It is best to add an extra day when planning around a hardwood flooring installation – if you work, take an additional day off, and the same goes for scheduling events or appointments. This will also give you an extra day for any leftover clean-up, furniture set-up, or just to enjoy your new flooring!

2. What to do with your furniture: 

Prior to your hardwood flooring installation, have a plan for your furniture. Move everything that you can out of the applicable rooms. Any furniture that needs to stay should be easy to move and wrapped in plastic. This ensures that your furniture will not be damaged or covered in dust during the installation process.

Most companies will move furniture as long as it is not overly heavy, requiring dollies or other moving equipment. If you would like a flooring company to move your furniture to another part of your home, be sure to move any small, breakable items, lamps, and electronics prior to the installation company’s arrival. This will not only speed up the process but will keep your breakable items safe from any accidents.

If moving and protecting your furniture is a concern for you, hiring a moving company to wrap your furniture in plastic or move it to a temporary storage unit is also an option. The most important thing is for you to have a plan that makes you the most comfortable.

How to prepare your furniture for a hardwood flooring installation.
This client had their furniture professionally wrapped in preparation for the installation.

3. Does an installation create dust in your home?

While the dust from a hardwood flooring installation is not excessive, some dust is unavoidable. Quality installation companies will use plastic to close off doorways and cover immovable objects such as kitchen cabinets and islands. During the installation process, be sure the installers are cutting the boards outside in an area that does not bring additional dust into your home such as right outside of an open doorway or window.

When comparing different hardwood flooring installation companies, it is best to ask specifically about their cleaning process. Do they vacuum throughout the installation to minimize dust? Do they block doorways and cover areas with plastic? Do they clean thoroughly when the installation is complete? If dust is a real concern for you, let the company know and they should take extra precautions to keep it to a minimum.


The installers covered the staircase in plastic to prevent dust from traveling to other areas of the home.

4. Is a hardwood flooring installation noisy? 

A hardwood flooring installation is extremely loud. From the removal of the original boards, to the outdoor power tools, to the pounding and nailing down of new boards – there will not be peace and quiet in your home during the installation. If you have small children, work from home in close proximity to the floors being worked on, or are bothered by loud noises, steer clear of a hardwood flooring installation or allow someone else to oversee the process.

You may also have a pet who is sensitive to loud noises and/or strangers. Be sure to make arrangements for your pet if they need to be out of the house during the hardwood flooring installation.

This installer is using a nail gun to secure the new boards.


Though the process may feel overwhelming and it can take time and patience for your hardwood flooring project to be complete, the end result is worth all of the headache involved. The most important things you can do to ensure your hardwood flooring installation goes as well as possible are:

  • Choose your flooring company wisely.
  • Ask questions and express your concerns.
  • Properly plan for the installation process.

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