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Cleaning your area rugs frequently is an important part of keeping a clean and healthy environment for your home. Rugs are functional elements of our home that absorb foot traffic, dust, liquid, foul odor, and debris in the blink of an eye. Your area rugs hold this dirt in their fibers and can become the breeding ground for dust and allergens. Professional rug cleaning flushes all of these out of your area rug. 

This is why homeowners turn to professional area rug cleaning companies like Ayoub Carpet Service. One of the best reasons why you should get your rugs and carpets cleaned by the experts is that, unlike a simple vacuum, professional area rug cleaning entails a specific cleaning process for each rug that comes in the plant.

How long does rug cleaning take?

Generally, the entire process takes around one to four weeks to complete.

Steps in the rug cleaning process:
– Drop off or Pick-up
– Pre-inspection
– Dust
– Wash
– Rinse
– Dry
– Return

What are the determining factors of how long it will take?

All rugs are not created equal, and the soiling is also different with each rug. There are several factors that may factor into our rug cleaning turnaround time.

• The overall condition

Rugs with little and manageable soiling generally require a basic cleaning. On the flip side, if your rugs have deep stains, damage, or have never undergone deep cleaning then it may take several times through the rug cleaning process or specific attention by an expert to resolve the issue.

Stains, whether old or new, along with the ones used in high-traffic zones require a pre-treatment with special cleaning products. Many people opt for DIY rug and carpet cleaning procedures to remove these stubborn stains. But in most cases, such initiatives lead to undesired consequences along with further damage to the rug fibers. When the stains are difficult to remove, the time required for cleaning the rugs may get extended too.

• Rug or carpet size

Larger rugs can take more time to clean because they require more attention from our team. However, most professional rug cleaners would still take around one to four weeks to deliver cleaned rugs regardless of the size.

• The rug cleaning method

The primary methods for professionally cleaning area rugs are immersion or low-moisture cleaning. The expert rug cleaners will inspect the condition and type of rug to determine the suitable procedure for cleaning. While the turn-around for each method is usually the same, low-moisture cleaning can be a bit more time-consuming.

low moisture rug cleaning

How long do you need to wait after receiving the cleaned rugs?

When you receive your clean rugs, you can use them safely immediately. We recommend that you use them immediately because storing your area rugs away without the proper precautions can lead to moth damage if not properly stored.

We recommend having your rugs deep cleaned at least once a year to ensure that your rugs remain clean, dust, and allergen-free. Also, when you rely on an experienced area rug cleaner, you can save yourself time trying to get stains out.

When should you schedule a rug cleaning?

Many homeowners wonder how far in advance they should schedule the appointment for rug cleaning. Our busiest season is July-November and turnaround times may be extended based on demand. However, most customers prefer spring cleaning area rugs, and after the November and December holidays.

Also, planning to have furniture moved and without rugs for one to four weeks is something to consider when scheduling. This implies you should steer clear of calling your local cleaning professionals on a busy day or when you are expecting some guests. We recommend having your floors or carpet cleaned within one to four weeks while all your furniture is moved, so you lay your clean rugs on top of clean floors.

When we come to pick up your area rugs we can move your furniture and essential items to take the rugs away for cleaning. After the cleaning procedure is completed, we can lay your rugs back in the same position and help move your furniture items back in place.

Area Rug Cleaning Turn Around time

In conclusion, with all these essential factors coming into play, you can expect your rugs to be picked up, deep cleaned, and delivered in one to four weeks. To have a transparent idea of how long it takes for professional rug cleaning, you should consult with your local expert rug cleaning company.

If you live in Northern Virginia, DC, or Maryland and need an area rug cleaned or have questions, give Ayoub Carpet Service a call at: 703-255-6000.
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