Having new flooring installed can be stressful. If you have never experienced a new flooring installation in your home, it can be difficult not to know what to expect. Here is what to expect before a carpet installation:

The Average Price of a Carpet Installation

One of the most important things to consider prior to making a decision about new carpet is how much it will cost. While hardwood and luxury vinyl plank are the two most popular flooring options for most living spaces, many homeowners still prefer carpet in their bedrooms, hallways, and recreational rooms, especially basements. Pricing for new carpet must be generalized due to the wide variety of options to choose from. Typically, new carpet is anywhere from $2.50/square foot to $14/square foot.

The reason for such a wide range in pricing is because there are countless different types of carpet to choose from. From brands and colors, to fibers and pile – the options are extensive. Consumers on average will spend about $6/square foot which adds up to approximately $7,000 for four bedrooms, a hallway, and a staircase. In order to receive an accurate estimate, be sure to schedule an in-home measurement with a new flooring expert and have a budget in place before exploring options.

A Carpet Installation Takes About Half a Day To a Whole Day

A carpet installation seems easy enough – rip up the old carpet and put in the new carpet. But there is a lot more that goes into it. Here is the process for a carpet installation:

– Remove the old carpet, padding (using a scraper as needed for the glue holding the padding to the subflooring – in some cases staples were used to secure the padding and need to be removed), and any damaged tack strips. 
– Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the subflooring.
– Install new tack strips as needed.
– Install new padding using spray-on adhesive glue or staples.
– Cut padding to fit (the room, closets, etc).
– Tape padding seams together to prevent any movement.
– Strategically install new carpet, with as few seams as possible.
– Meticulously glue carpet seams together.
– Power stretch carpet and cut to fit.
– Tuck edges into the baseboards.
– Thoroughly vacuum.

A carpet installation generally takes about half a day to a whole day depending on the job size. If the room is larger, it may take a full day. Of course, any unforeseen complications may turn a one-day project into a two-day project, or longer depending on the complication. The best thing you can do when having any new flooring installed is to be prepared for the chance of inconvenience – and remind yourself that the end results will be more than worth any temporary setbacks.

A Carpet Installation Can be Noisy

Between the scraping, the hammering, and the knee kicker (image), a carpet installation can be quite noisy. Once the old carpet has been uninstalled and removed from the room, any sound within the room is amplified. During this time, the installation team is hammering away removing and replacing tack strips and scraping excess adhesive from the subflooring. If you have pets or small children sensitive to noise, it is a good idea to have them out of your home during the new carpet installation process. Also, if you work from home, it is recommended that your workspace be on the opposite side of your home – or at least limit any phone calls or meetings for that day.


Most installation teams will remove furniture from the room being worked on and then back again once the work is complete. There are no guarantees that the installers will put your furniture back exactly where you had it, but they will do their best. If your furniture is unusually heavy – such as a Tempur-Pedic bed, a pool table, a piano, or a hutch – you will want to ask your chosen installation company what their policies are for moving heavy and fragile furniture. In some cases, the installers will not have the professional moving equipment necessary and you will need to hire a moving company to help move your furniture to a safe location until the new carpet has been installed.

Disposal of Old Carpet and Padding

Most installation teams will dispose of the old carpet and padding. There is a lot to clean up – it is important to make sure the carpet installation company you hire will dispose of the old carpet and padding. If they do not and you don’t mind doing it yourself, make sure you check with your local waste department to direct you to where you can dispose of it.

carpet removal

Be Involved

We all want to trust the professionals who come into our homes to do work for us. But even the best experts make mistakes. During a carpet installation, it is best to be involved but remain out of the way. Being present can prevent any lasting mistakes – such as the installation company attempting to take shortcuts. Some shortcuts include not using a carpet stretching tool or not spending a lot of time on the seams.

In the end, it is your home and your carpet, do not hesitate to point out something you are not 100% satisfied with. Addressing anything you are not pleased with at the time of installation, rather than later on after the team is gone, can help the installation team address those concerns before they turn into bigger problems. This is especially important before the furniture is returned to the room. Be sure to inspect the finished carpet prior to the furniture being replaced so that any mistakes can be addressed without further inconvenience to you or the installation team.

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