Safe, hygienic, and clean wall-to-wall carpet in your home or office is worth a lot. The longevity of carpet depends on various aspects, such as carpet density, face weight, care and maintenance, type of fiber, style of carpet, and fiber twist. Over the lifetime of your carpet, you’ll notice signs of wear and tear, particularly on high-traffic sections. At some point, you may have a tough decision to make on either replacing or cleaning the carpet. Carpet cleaning is a tedious process; therefore, if you opt for carpet cleaning, consider hiring professional services. Carpet cleaning is cost-effective, but investing in a new carpet might be the best solution. How can you tell it’s time to clean or replace your carpet?

professional carpet cleaning service

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Carpet

Sometimes, you may need professional carpet cleaning services to get things under control. Below are the top signs that you need your carpet cleaned:

1. Worsening Allergies

Do you have discomfort in your throat or watery eyes? Dirty carpet may be the main culprit. Carpet attracts various allergens, such as dirt, dust, and animal dander. In addition, dust mites tend to thrive in dirty carpet. Whenever these contaminants build up, they cause allergic reactions as well as chronic respiratory health issues. Some people may think that vacuuming is an effective way to eliminate carpet pollutants, but that isn’t always the case, especially when carpet has become filthy. Vacuuming can compound the situation because this strategy blows irritants into the air, thus lowering the quality of indoor air. If your allergies are worsening from day to day, it’s high time you hire competent carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners will use effective cleaning techniques and high-tech tools to ensure your carpet is sparkling clean. Clean carpet plays a significant role in making an environment conducive.

2. It’s Been a While

If it has been a while since your carpet was properly cleaned, it’s high time you invest in a reputable carpet cleaner. Carpet attracts numerous contaminants; therefore, miscellaneous residues are trapped within your carpet even if it looks fine. Built-up pollutants will lower the durability of your carpet because they’ll catalyze the wear and tear process. According to research, wear and tear can affect indoor air quality, thus increasing the risk of health issues, such as breathing problems. Generally, your carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once per year, depending on various factors, including the level of foot traffic and the type of carpet. A professionally cleaned carpet reduces the odds of irreparable damages that might occur in the long run. A dirty carpet won’t last long; therefore, cleaning it regularly is the best solution.

3. It Looks Dirty

This is the most obvious sign that you need your carpet professionally cleaned. Some parts of your carpet might look duller than others. You should inspect your carpet thoroughly. A dirty carpet will reduce the aesthetic value of your home or office. Most expert carpet cleaners will use eco-friendly cleaning products to eliminate trapped pollutants. Some conventional cleaning solutions can damage your carpet or reduce its lifespan. Therefore, you should opt for reliable carpet cleaners.

4. You Have Pets

Most people love pets, especially cats and dogs. If you’re a pet owner, it may be necessary to clean your carpet more frequently. Dogs can damage your carpet severely, especially if they are puppies or undertrained. Everything from scratching, wet paws, and clawing will ruin the appearance of your carpet. In addition, you should vacuum your carpet at least twice per week to eliminate pet dander. Generally, pet owners should clean their carpets at least once in three or four months.

5. It’s Stained

Some stains can be removed by the application of an ideal cleaning product. For instance, ink stains and pet stains aren’t always permanent. Reputable carpet cleaners will use appropriate strategies to restore your carpet’s overall appearance.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Carpet

Carpet Installation

There are times when carpet replacement is the best option, especially when compared to carpet cleaning. Below are the top signs that you need a new carpet:

1. The Carpet is Old

At a certain point, deep-cleaning, patching, and vacuuming your carpet won’t work. If you identify a fading color or matting, it’s time to buy a new carpet. Carpets have a lifespan of five to fifteen years, depending on factors such as carpet cushion, type of carpet, carpet fibers, and maintenance. Signs of old carpet include the following:

– Matting
– Lack of padding support
– Fading
– Color loss
– Wrinkles
– Ripples

General problems like cleanliness, bad smells, wear and tear, reduced comfort levels, and staining will worsen with every year. Therefore, age is an important aspect that’ll help you decide whether to give your carpet another chance or ditch it.

2. Permanent Stains

Plant food, bleach, mustard, wine, and tea can leave persistent stains on your carpet. Some of these stains become permanent when you try the DIY carpet cleaning approach. This is because you’ll be prone to mistakes that can irreversibly damage your carpet. For instance, you can use inappropriate cleaning detergents. In addition, biological stains, such as pet urine can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Based on science, mold can increase your risk of developing health issues. Therefore, if your carpet is permanently stained, consider buying a new one.

3. Foul Odors Won’t Go Away

If you notice that professional carpet cleaning isn’t banishing the odor smell, there might be an underlying problem. For instance, the problem can either be on the floor beneath the carpet or the padding. The odor may penetrate too deep into the subfloor, carpet pad, and carpet fibers. If you notice a musty smell, you may need mold remediation services before investing in a new carpet.

4. There’s Visible Damage

The magnitude of carpet damage can determine whether it’s the ideal time to get a new carpet. If you’re covering up extensive carpet damages with furniture or rugs, it’s time to invest in a new one. Minor damages can be repaired, but that isn’t the case when it comes to extensive damages.

Overall, carpet should be cleaned at least once per year and vacuumed on a weekly basis. Professional carpet cleaning will keep your carpet in mint condition, thus boosting its durability. But, if you notice extensive damage and wear, it’s time to consider new flooring.

Do you need a professional carpet cleaning service? OR Do you need to explore new flooring options?

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