Which Is Best: In-Plant Or In-Home Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs add warmth and depth to any room in the home. They’re beneficial on laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring. In addition to warmth and style, area rugs also help to reduce noise in the area.
Ayoub Carpet Service offers both in-home and in-plant area rug cleaning to help keep your rugs clean and vibrant for years to come. To help you decide which approach is best, keep reading. 

Which Is Best: In-Plant Or In-Home Area Rug Cleaning

In-Home Cleaning

Let’s face it. Tackling in-home area rug cleaning is an arduous task.

First, you must take extreme care to ensure you don’t damage it. This is especially true if the area rug is irreplaceable. Examples include family heirlooms or luxury rugs purchased overseas.

Second, vacuuming only goes so far, so you must shake it out to get out more dust and debris. Again, you must take extreme caution not to damage the rug during this process. Brushing with a soft-bristled brush may help pull pet hair and other elements from the fibers. 

Next, test a small area of the rug with shampoo to make sure it’s safe. If it passes the test, you’ll shampoo the rug, carefully addressing stains from pets. Otherwise, rinse it with a water hose, and dry it. However, the drying process is lengthy and precarious, too.

For all these reasons, we highly recommend in-plant area rug cleaning. Here’s how that process works: 

In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning

  1. Pre-Inspection- Our carpet experts determine the fabric, quality, and type of area rug to identify the proper cleaning process. Additionally, they send a report with pictures to confirm the process and review any applicable repairs. 
  2. Dust- We carefully place the rug in a gentle duster designed to remove penetrated dirt and dust. For delicate rugs, we use compressed air. 
  3. Wash- Next, we carefully wash the rug with fresh water, paying special attention to any spotting or discoloration. 
  4. Rinse- A 3-cycle rinse removes any remaining dirt. Our special equipment eliminates excess water, which allows it to dry faster. 
  5. Dry- We place the area rug in a climate-controlled drying room to complete the process. Note that the drying time is not only shortened with in-plant area rug cleaning, but it also prevents mold and mildew from accumulating. 
  6. Return- After washing, you’ll get another email with pictures and a request for final approval. Once that happens, the rug is carefully rolled, wrapped in plastic, and ready for return. 

Professional Service, Positive Results

Ayoub Carpet Service delivers exceptional service to Chantilly homeowners, as well as the surrounding area. Remember us when you need area rug cleaning, in-home carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, or similar services. Call (703) 479-3961 to schedule an appointment. 

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