Classic & Sophisticated Flooring

Hardwood adds a classic, sophisticated look to any room providing the timeless aesthetic your home desires. Most realtors agree that homes with well-kept hardwood flooring sell faster and bring a higher price than those with other types of flooring.

As with most luxury items, hardwood flooring does require regular maintenance in order to keep it looking like new. Not only can Ayoub Carpet Service® help you through the sales and installation process, but they also specialize in hardwood floor cleaning and polishing. Experts recommend that hardwood floors be professionally cleaned and polished at least once per year. If you are considering hardwood floors for your home, schedule a free consultation today! Call us at (703) 255-6000 or schedule online.

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Choosing Your Hardwood Flooring

We know the array of choices can feel overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help you through the process and provide professional guidance to make the decision easy. Here are the most popular hardwood flooring choices that are sure to make your home shine.

Traditional Hardwood

Still the most popular choice in wood flooring, traditional hardwood comes in a variety of wood types, colors and widths to give you the complete look you're searching for.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors are typically more durable than traditional hardwood. The difference with engineered wood is that only the top layer of the plank is made of your choice of real wood, with the rest of the plank usually made of plywood. You will have the same wide range of selection as traditional hardwood, but with a greater ability to withstand moisture. Another reason we love engineered hardwood is that it can be installed in all levels of your home, different from solid wood which is not recommended to be installed over a concrete floor due to moisture concerns.

Hand-scraped Hardwood

The benefit of hand-scraped wood flooring is the unique appearance of each board, giving your home a little extra character. Hand-scraped wood is excellent for homes with children and pets because small dents, scratches, and nicks are not nearly as noticeable as with other hardwood types.

Distressed Hardwood

Similar to hand-scraped, distressed hardwood is also great for homes with children and pets as it hides scratches and dents more easily than a traditional wood floor. The perfect choice for those wanting a more rustic look, there are many levels of distressing that range from light to heavy.

How to Prepare for Hardwood Floor Installation

Preparing for a hardwood floor installation can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and that the final result is exactly what you're hoping for. A hardwood floor installation is not an easy, one-day task. Most hardwood installations take at least 5 – 7 days to complete if no issues arise with the subflooring or other unique scenarios. It is important to work with a company that you can trust to solve any issues that may come up.

One of the first steps in preparing for a hardwood floor installation is to clear the room of all furniture and other items. This will give the installers ample space to work and will help protect your belongings from damage. Some installation teams will assist with moving furniture to a different part of the home, but this service typically comes with an extra charge.

The team will remove any existing flooring, including carpet or tile, to prepare the subfloor for installation. Additionally, the installers may need to address any issues with the subfloor, such as leveling or repairing any damage, to ensure that the new hardwood floor is installed on a sturdy and even surface. Finally, it's important to acclimate the new hardwood flooring to the room's temperature and humidity for a period of time before installation, as this can help prevent any issues with expansion or contraction of the wood once it's installed.

Step-by-Step Process of a Hardwood Floor Installation

  1. Measurement: The flooring sales expert will measure the space to determine how much product is needed and assess for any unique situations.
  2. Hardwood Selection: You will select the hardwood type, style, and color that you want.
  3. Acclimation: The hardwood planks need to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the space for a few days before installation.
  4. Subfloor Preparation: The subfloor needs to be clean, dry, and level to ensure a proper installation.
  5. Layout: The layout of the hardwood planks should be planned out carefully to ensure a balanced and visually pleasing installation.
  6. Installation: The hardwood planks are installed using either a nail-down, staple-down, or glue-down method, depending on the type of hardwood flooring and subfloor.
  7. Sanding: Once the hardwood planks are installed, they are sanded to create a smooth and even surface.
  8. Staining (optional): If you want a different color or shade for your hardwood flooring, you may choose to have it stained.
  9. Finishing: The hardwood flooring is finished with a sealer or finish coat to protect it from damage and wear.
  10. Transitions, Trim, & Molding: Trim and molding are installed to cover gaps and transitions between the hardwood flooring and walls, doorways, or other surfaces.
  11. Cleanup: The installation team will clean up the work area and remove any debris and waste materials.
  12. Inspection & Approval: The installation is inspected to ensure it meets your satisfaction, and you approve the work before the team leaves the site.

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Hardwood Flooring Experts

Serving the Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Vienna, and Chantilly, as well as Maryland and the DC areas, you can trust Ayoub Carpet Service® with all of your flooring needs. In addition to hardwood floor installation, our services include custom area rugs, carpet sales and installation, luxury vinyl plank and tile sales and installation, commercial carpet cleaning, and much more. Call us today at (703) 255-6000 to get a quote or schedule online now.

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