When it comes to hardwood floors, they are relatively low maintenance. Aside from routine cleaning, there may be a need for refinishing hardwoods over time due to fading or dull finish. To help decide which is best for you, we’ll explain the difference between hardwood cleaning and refinishing so you can make the best choice for your hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring with a refinisher

Hardwood Cleaning

Durable wood species like oak and maple are used in the construction of hardwood floors. As with any flooring, if you want to keep your hardwood floors looking their best, you’ll need to get them cleaned regularly. Even though it may not seem like it, cleaning wood floors can become more challenging than you would expect.

Signs that You Need Hardwood Cleaning?

– The hardwood flooring is accumulating dust

– Your flooring has dents and light scratches that you want to fix

– The hardwoods look dull


Hardwood cleaning is ideal for lackluster floors in need of reset. Quite often, hardwood floors may not have deep divots or scratches, but have simply held on to years of household cleaning agents and waxes. This takes away from the beauty of hardwood.


Hardwood Refinishing/Sanding

Wood floor refinishing is similar to a fresh start for your home. In this process, wood floor planks are sanded down in your home and finished with the outermost layers of the board. The finish acts as a protective cover, keeping the raw wood safe from harm. A wood surface is refinished when the old liner is removed and replaced with a new stack of completion. The sanding operation can also be used to remove slight wear and tear from the surface.

It’s not uncommon for hardwood floors to require substantial refinishing, and sanding is often a component of the method. To safeguard the newly stained and refinished wooden floor, it is common practice to sand off the old base coat and replaces a fresh coat of concise covering as part of the refinishing process. Professionals perform this procedure the majority of the time.

Signs that You Need Hardwood Refinishing/Sanding?


– There are visible water damages to the hardwood

– Deep scratches and dents linger on the floor

– Discoloration or drastic fading

– Renovating the home

– Selling your property and want the “new flooring” look


Our experts will inspect your floors upon arrival and provide you with an estimate. We will begin by sanding the area to remove imperfections and prepare for staining. Once we’ve perfected your stain color, we will add a new, even layer of polyurethane to your hardwood for the finished look you want.

What Hardwood Cleaning and Hardwood Refinishing Can or Can’t Do

If you’ve ever pondered on the difference between hardwood cleaning and hardwood refinishing, this section should make it all clearer for you. Below are the procedures that you can expect in either hardwood cleaning or refinishing, sometimes both.


Hardwood Cleaning Can:


– Can remove waxes and old cleaning agents.

– Can remove furniture scuffs and marks from shoes.

– Can be accomplished in just a matter of a day


Hardwood Cleaning Can’t:

– Can’t remove the deep dents, scratches, and gouges on the floor.

– Can’t sand the coat of floor finish.

– Can’t fix pet damages

– Can’t correct water damage


Hardwood Refinishing Can:

– Can refresh and sand the coat of floor finish

– Can fix dents, scratches, and gouges on the floor.

– Can correct water-damaged wood


Hardwood Refinishing:


– Typically takes several days to complete


Why You Should Hire Professionals for Hardwood Cleaning and Refinishing

One wrong scrubber can quickly ruin hardwood floors, which most people are unaware of. Even some cleaning agents can cause issues with your hardwood floors. This is why we recommend hiring a professional hardwood cleaning company like Ayoub Carpet Service to help with this process.

Hardwood refinishing is an even more specialized process and you should trust a professional for this project. Not only are you sanding off a layer of your current hardwood floors, but then re-staining the wood throughout the space is a skill in and of itself.

Why Choose ACS® for Hardwood Cleaning and Refinishing?


When it comes to the maintenance of flooring, ACS® is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy companies in the field. We can help evaluate the issues, make recommendations, and complete the necessary cleaning or repairs to your hardwood floors! For more information call or text us at: 703-255-6000


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