How to Eliminate Pet Urine From Your Area Rug (and How Not to)

Pets bring immense joy to their owners, as they provide both companionship and love. Unfortunately, they sometimes introduce challenges, too. Even though pet owners prioritize house training, accidents can happen. When they do, you’ll want to know how to eliminate pet urine from your area rug (or carpet). In this post, Ayoub Carpet Service explains how to address this issue.

How To Eliminate Pet Urine From Your Area Rug (and How Not To)

Why It’s Hard to Eliminate Pet Urine from Your Area Rug

Despite cleaning, pet urine stains leave behind salt crystals. When those crystals mix with moisture, the smell returns, and the stain resurfaces. Enzymatic cleaners break down the salt crystals. However, the pH must be correct, along with the temperature. Additionally, the type of rug or carpet fabric also plays a role. If you have an expensive oriental area rug, you probably don’t want to risk experimenting yourself. 

Why Home Remedies May Not Work

The Internet provides all kinds of solutions to problems, but some information can cause more harm than good. Many websites give instructions on how to eliminate pet urine with vinegar and baking soda. Done immediately for isolated events, this may help: You can mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and spray the area. Then, cover the area with baking soda and scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Finally, extract the remaining waste with a damp cloth. However, you should know this method comes with risks. For instance, territorial pets may smell the vinegar and attempt to reclaim the area again. Also, warmer water temperatures and steam can actually make matters worse. Moreover, you won’t know for sure if you cleansed the area thoroughly. If you didn’t, the proteins can bind to the rug or carpet fibers and worsen the stain. Once stains are set, the challenge to remove them increases. 

Escalating Issues, Increasing Problems

When pets, especially cats, continue to urinate in a certain spot or around your living space, the behavior can become habitual. The more proteins bind to fabric fibers, the more difficult removal is. Additionally, the urine seeps into the rug pad, carpet padding, or wood flooring (or subfloor) underneath. Not only do you have to address the pet’s behavior, but you also may have to invest more money to repair your area rugs, carpets, and wood flooring. We emphasize area rugs more because pets often choose that space to urinate. Moreover, you can physically move and transport area rugs for cleaning, which makes for easier remediation. 

When to Call In an Expert

Have you ever thought you successfully cleaned a stain only to see it resurface later? This remains especially true for pet urine. If you want to successfully eliminate pet urine from your area rug, consider hiring a professional. At Ayoub, we are experienced in pet urine removal. When you need area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, or pet urine elimination in Arlington, Chantilly, or beyond, call us at (703) 479-3961. Or request an online quote.
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