There are multiple reasons why you may be searching for a carpet cleaning service. Some of the reasons are, routine professional cleaning, moving into or moving out of your home, and spot treatment for spills or pet accidents. But how do you know which carpet cleaning service is right for you and your needs?

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Think for a moment about what matters most to you regarding a professional cleaning service. Typically, it is one or a combination of these three factors: Price, Quality, and Accommodation.

For some, when they can have it scheduled and how long it takes to complete are the most important aspects of hiring a professional cleaner, for others, it is how much it costs, or it could be primarily about the quality of the service. Recognizing which of these factors plays a role in your decision-making the most will help you choose the best carpet cleaning service for you and your needs.

1. Price

Choosing a carpet cleaning service

Perhaps you are looking for a touch-up cleaning, moving out of a home, on a tight budget, or you may even want to pay top dollar for the carpet cleaning service to ensure the highest standards and quality. Whatever the case may be if the price is your main concern for choosing a carpet cleaning company here is what you can look for and expect.

Search for a carpet cleaning service that charges by the room rather than the square footage. Keep in mind that these companies, because they offer a flat rate price per room, may attempt to drive up sales by adding on surprise charges at the time of the cleaning. For example, a carpet cleaning company may charge a flat price per room, but this does not include moving furniture, stain treatments, or any extra detail cleaning that may be needed such as vacuuming dusty baseboards. This concept is known as a “bait and switch.” A company will reel you in with a bargain price tag and then attempt to add on services that may significantly raise the bill.

When using a bait and switch type of company, it is important to be aware of the services they are providing and stand your ground against professional sales tactics if you don’t want any unanticipated upcharges.

Of course, when shopping for a carpet cleaning company based on price, you may be trading in quality for a bargain or attempting to purchase the best quality for the highest price. It is always a great idea to read customer reviews before making a selection to ensure the carpet cleaning company aligns with what is most important to you.

2. Quality

Quality carpet cleaning service

There are some people who will only allow a particular carpet cleaning company to touch their carpets because the cleaning is high quality and aligns with what the client feels is important to them. Price may not be a concern in these cases and the time involved with the carpet cleaning service is only a concern if it doesn’t seem to take long enough to match the quality expectations.

When shopping around for quality carpet cleaning companies, it is important to ask about their guarantee, cleaning methods, and what is included in the price. You can also ask if they have additional options on hand such as odor treatment, carpet repairs, and carpet/upholstery protectant.

Inquiring about cleaning methods will allow you to have an idea of the detailed work that is included in their cleaning. These companies typically charge by the square foot rather than by the room because of the extra bonuses they include in every cleaning. They are also up front with their pricing and do not play the bait and switch game.

If quality is what you are looking for, choose a carpet cleaning company that has an expert team of experienced cleaning technicians who can walk you through their cleaning methods and can address your questions and concerns with ease.

3. Accommodation

Most people have a lot on their plate and may feel like there is not enough time in the day to do everything. Trying to figure out how to squeeze in a professional carpet cleaning service may sound like a nightmare to those with very busy schedules.

When scheduling is the primary factor for you when choosing a carpet cleaning service, here is what you can do to ensure the most efficient carpet cleaning experience:

– Schedule the carpet cleaning service first thing in the morning. This prevents any unforeseen circumstances from occurring throughout the day. The only thing the technicians may have to face is some early morning traffic.

– Move any light furniture along with any small items from tables or shelves that you want the technicians to move. In other words, make the space as clear as possible so the technicians can begin cleaning almost right away.

– Have a clear plan for what you want the technicians to clean and be ready to tell them when they arrive.

Another aspect of timing regarding carpet cleaning is how long it may take the carpet to dry. On average, depending on the time of year, airflow within the home, and how dirty the carpet is, it may take between 4 and 6 hours for the carpet to be dry to the touch following a cleaning. It is also okay to walk on the freshly cleaned carpet when it is still damp – just do it without your shoes on to prevent tracking in any dirt. But what if you need it to dry as quickly as possible?

Here are some things you can do to speed up the drying process for carpet:

– Have your carpet professionally cleaned in the Winter season. Moisture in carpet evaporates the fastest when the air is dry, rather than hot and humid.

– Increase the airflow throughout your home. You can do this in multiple ways: turn on ceiling fans or set up plug-in fans, open the windows if the air outside is not too humid, and set your air conditioning fan from “auto” to “on” before the cleaning and leave it on until the carpet is completely dry.

– Hire an expert carpet cleaning company. There are many carpet cleaning companies available to you, the ones that will take their time to extract the majority of the moisture from your carpet are the expert companies that have been in business for a long time and have excellent reviews. These companies will utilize high efficient vacuum systems with multiple passes to ensure the carpet dries as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, one of these factors or even a combination of two or all three are going to influence what carpet cleaning service you hire. The important thing is to be aware of what matters the most to you and express any questions or concerns to any company you contact for services until you find the perfect fit.

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