Professional Carpet Cleaning: How Long it Takes to Dry

When cleaning your carpet with hot water extraction, though the hot water is extracted, the carpet can remain damp for several hours after the cleaning. There are varying reasons why carpets may remain damp longer than others.

  • Air Flow
  • Humidity
  • Carpet Density
  • Pile Grade
  • Type of carpet
  • Moisture levels

Why should you professionally clean your carpets?

Professional Carpet Cleaning: How long does it take to dry

A professional carpet cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your carpet by ensuring carpet fibers are clean and free of dirt and debris. Most manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 6-12 months to keep up with warranty parameters too. While loose dust, fur, and other dirt can be removed by routine vacuuming, extensive washing is necessary to stop the spread of bacteria and allergens.

The best method for deep carpet cleaning is hot water extraction or “steam cleaning”. High-pressure vacuums that apply hot water and extract hot water back out of the carpet is used to remove cleaning agents and dirt and grime from the carpet. Tough stains and stubborn dirt are best removed with steam cleaning since it leaves no trace or lingering odors on your carpet. This technique is the easiest to remove pungent stains, particularly if you’ve got pets.


Some companies may use a dry washing method by scattering a cleaning agent over the carpet to attempt to eliminate contaminants and odors. After letting it sit for 10 minutes, the carpet is vacuumed, and the carpet may look “clean.” However, dirt, dust, stains, and other debris will still be in the fibers of the carpet and need to be flushed out using the hot water extraction process.  


Our carpet cleaning process:


  • Visual inspection of the area
  • Provide price evaluation
  • Move light furniture
  • Pre-spot stains and spills
  • Apply environmentally safe pre-conditioning agents to release soils
  • Groom in pre-conditioner to remove caked-on soils
  • Clean with truck-mounted hot water extraction system
  • Post-spot stubborn areas for maximum stain removal
  • Groom carpet to expedite drying and enhance the appearance
  • Customer evaluation for final approval


Options to dry your carpet after cleaning


Air Drying


When your carpet is in the sun or has regular topical airflow, such as on a nice sunny day with the windows open, the carpet can dry effectively. It may take a little long to dry completely when utilizing cold air, such as from the air conditioner. Putting your fingers into the fiber will allow you to observe the carpet near the padding to see if it is fully dry yet.


You can also open the windows and turn a fan on to help with the drying process. However, doing so in a chilly or humid environment won’t be beneficial. On the other hand, an open window may help your carpets dry much more quickly on hot, dry days.




One of the best methods to expedite the carpet drying process is turning on a dehumidifier, which may seem basic. They remove the humidity from the space and either store it in a tank or route it to a drain. Keep checking periodically to drain the water tank. You’ll be shocked by how much water gathers in a space with recently cleaned carpets. Dehumidifiers are ideal for use with fans because they take moisture out of the air. The more moisture it may absorb from the carpet, the less damp the air is.

Air Conditioner

Drying may be sped up by turning on the AC fan. HVAC units also take moisture out of the air while lowering the room’s heat. Although a dehumidifier will be more efficient, an air conditioning system can also do the trick. By removing humidity, air conditioners create more space for carpet dampness to evaporate. Consequently, switching on air conditioners will hasten carpeting drying in an environment with high humidity.

Keeping furniture off Wet Carpet


In order for the carpet to properly dry, we place small disposable blocks under the furniture to help aid in the drying process. These blocks can be removed within 24 hours and thrown out and are used to help allow circulation under your furniture after a full hot water extraction cleaning. If you do not allow circulation under furniture, drying times can increase and you may even experience moisture for several days under furniture.


With proper care, your carpet can last for years to come and maintain its warranty with carpet manufacturers. Not only that, but your home will be cleaner, with less dirt, dust, and allergens. If you live in Northern VirginiaDC, or Maryland and need your carpets professionally cleaned or have questions, give Ayoub Carpet Service a call at: 703-255-6000.


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