The Holidays Are Coming, Are You Prepared?

Turkey Dinner

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas/Hanukkah close behind, it’s time to prepare your home for holiday gatherings! I know this time can be stressful for some, so getting a head start on your checklist is a great way to reduce some stress. Here are important things to start scheduling/thinking about so you don’t have to scramble last minute:

1. Make sure the outside of your home looks presentable. Raking the leaves in your yard will make your home have great curbside appeal and will prevent visitors from tracking in dirt/debris onto your carpet and rugs.

2. Begin planning sleeping arrangements if you will be having out of town/overnight guests. Schedule an appointment to get your carpet and upholstery cleaned. No one wants to sleep on dirty carpet or couches, right? Also, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and enough pillows and blankets to go around is a must!

3.Make a grocery list. I know this seems like an easy task, but it can become overwhelming if you have a lot to buy and you wait until last minute to figure it all out. It doesn’t hurt to create a schedule for when to start cooking what as well.

4. Get your air ducts cleaned! Nothing says “Best Host/Hostess of The Year,” more than going the extra mile. Most people don’t think to clean their air ducts, which mean the majority of homes are long overdue. Clean air + no excess dust = happy visitors! (Did you know we offer duct cleaning now?)

5. Take some time for yourself. Too often, we try to please others and stress too much about everything being perfect when you have to host an event. Take a couple steps back when you’re feeling overwhelmed and remember that the holidays are supposed to be enjoyable for YOU TOO. Everyone appreciates all that you’re doing to ensure a perfect Holiday gathering, give yourself the credit you deserve!

PS: We are officially in our busiest season of the year. The earlier you give us a call to book your appointments the better. Our availability goes extremely fast right before the holidays so please give us a call as soon as possible so we can try our best to accommodate everyone!
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