The Journey of a Rug: Stain Removal and Oriental Rug Repairs

If you are in the process of a move or home renovation, now is the perfect time to have your area rug cleaned. Ayoub Carpet Service® is the trusted rug cleaning expert in Northern Virginia. Many homeowners, interior designers, and property managers exclusively use our services. Follow the journey of an Oriental rug belonging to one of our customers, and you will see why our customers choose us time and again.

Rug Cleaning and RepairTrusted by Our Customers

An Oriental rug came to us because the customer was having work done at their house and thought it would be the perfect time to have their living room area rug cleaned. They noted to us when they called that there was a small, nickel-sized stain they would like removed and that the rug had not been cleaned for six years. We scheduled to pick the rug up at their home in Fairfax, Virginia, and brought it back to our plant for cleaning. Once the rug arrived back at our plant, our rug inspector began the process of documenting everything about the rug. 

The Pre-Inspection of the Rug

As with the case of this particular customer, the rug cleaning experts at Ayoub Carpet Service® will document the exact size of your rug, the type of rug, any concerns about the rug, our recommendations for cleaning, and take before pictures of the rug. That report is then sent out to the customer as the cleaning begins, which allows for transparency and shows the customer our overall observations. With this specific Oriental rug, we noticed three areas we wanted to focus on with the cleaning:

  1. Remove the stain the customer mentioned on the call
  2. General dye stain correction
  3. Furniture indentation corrections

The Cleaning Process

Our in-plant rug cleaning solution takes the rug through our Ayoub Carpet Service® rug cleaning process, which begins with pre-inspection and ends with post-inspection. If nothing out of the ordinary needs to be addressed, we put the rug through our basic cleaning process. Here is the basic process we completed for the cleaning of this rug:

  • A tumble dusting to loosen dirt and dust in the fibers
  • A thorough hand wash, front and back, using a rotating soft-bristle brush, high-volume rinse, detailed scrub of any fringe, and a final rinse through specialized machinery
  • Spot and stain treatments applied as needed, depending on the severity
  • Up to 12 hours in a climate-controlled dry room ensuring optimal drying time
  • Grooming of the fibers and the fringe
  • Post inspection of the rug to ensure problem areas were remedied

Oriental Rug Repairs

Once the rug is cleaned, we begin the repair process to fix issues, such as the fringe around the edges getting worn, tattered, or ripped off completely.  Some common issues we see are the need for fringe repairs, reweaving, and serging the edges (no fringe). We have a team of in-house rug repair specialists who complete repairs by hand. Every rug has unique issues, and we are able to provide custom solutions for each rug that comes through our plant for cleaning and repair.

The Rug Cleaning Results

Fortunately, we were able to remove the stain, rejuvenate the rug, and correct the indentations left by furniture. Once the post-inspection was completed, our scheduling team contacted the customer to schedule the rug delivery back to the home where we laid the rug out in the newly renovated space for the customer. The customer gave our team a five-star rating and was thrilled with the overall process. 

Our Cleaning Standard

If we complete the post-inspection and think another cleaning would help resolve some of the problem areas, we will start the process again at no additional charge to the customer. Ayoub Carpet Service® believes if you send us a rug to be cleaned, it should be completely clean when it returns to you. Also, we recommend using your rugs immediately or within the first week of receiving them back. Properly storing area rugs is very important to prevent moth damage and other lingering issues.

Schedule Area Rug Cleaning Today

Ayoub Carpet Service® has been cleaning area rugs and carpets since 1952, and we believe that our tagline, “We make it look like new again,” says it best. We take rug cleaning seriously and believe there is a correct in-plant process to clean area rugs that cannot be matched with a simple dry vacuum. Contact us at (703) 255-6000 if you would like an estimate for your area rug cleaning, or you can request a quote here. We serve Fairfax, Virginia, and all nearby areas.

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